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Baby Beehavin’ Stroller DVD Pouch™

Baby Beehavin' Stroller DVD Pouch Organizer from Baby Bee Havin on Vimeo.

Baby Beehavin’ Stroller DVD Pouch™ is the perfect stroller accessory! It is a practical and effective way to both organize your stroller, and help keep your baby entertained and behavin’. As a way to play educational or their favorite DVDs while on the go, it will stimulate and entertain your baby keeping them engaged and quiet. This stylish and functional design is compatible with virtually any portable DVD player, and is the ultimate addition to your stroller.
So the next time you take your baby shopping, to a restaurant or anywhere else, the Stroller DVD Pouch is all you will need to keep your “Baby Beehavin’!”

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Stroller DVD Pouch - Black Trim
This product is endorsed by Kimberly White, MSN, ARNP, pediatric orthopedic nurse practitioner. "Infants, especially under the age of five months, have soft cranial bones, which puts them at risk to develop plagiocephaly, or flat-head syndrome. Placing infants on their backs to sleep has been proven to decrease the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), but this position increases the incidence of flat-head syndrome. The way to help prevent this, is to reposition the infant frequently. It is not possible to reposition an infant onto his or her side while in a stroller, and this is precisely why the Baby Beehavin’ Stroller Pad was created. The stroller pad is made out of memory foam, which conforms to the infants’ head, thereby decreasing resistance, and decreasing the risk of flat-head syndrome. In addition, the pad is comfortable and machine-washable. I recommend this product to my patients, and I even used it for my own children!"